This page was originally dedicated to my first novel which you can find more about further down, but being a writer doesn’t take one novel, it takes a body of work. So, after years or self-doubt, I have started sharing my writing and submitting stories.

I hope the list will keep growing as many new stories are currently Work In Progress.

Unfettered, published on Short Fiction Break as part of the 2017 Spring Writing Contest.



As for my novel, The Wind Knows Everything:

In short? Four disparate stories will ultimately converge in the stifling shadow of a dust storm sweeping over Casablanca.

In not-so-short? The Wind Knows Everything is a multi-faceted story set in Casablanca, Paris and the Moroccan desertIt is a story about family conflict, loveloss which reveals the magic and complexity of the interconnected lives we all live. 

N.B. This page is regularly being updated as I gather a deeper understanding of my own writing. You may wonder why some comments appear irrelevant to the content of this page and that would be because, well, the content has changed!

34 responses to “Writing

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    • Thank you! This is real life indeed, telling a story from one single point of view didn’t feel complete and complex enough to reflect the life we live.
      It’s been a roller coaster but I think I have ended up with a solid web of interconnected lives that impact one another in many ways.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your interest!

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  6. I find the title “The Golden Ocean” more compelling, maybe because it suggests depth and the warm glow of gold. Gold Dust makes me think of Las Vegas and the prospectors of the American West:0)). My silly two cents:0)). I’ll be eager to get your novel when it’s ready.


    • Oh thank you so much for your input, it would be nice if everyone took the time to share their opinion like you :)
      I never thought of it that way (about the American West) so it’s good to know! I have to admit that from a poetical point of you, I am leaning towards The Golden Ocean too. It works not only metaphorically speaking but also because the Atlantic plays a big part in the story.
      Either way, thank you! :)

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  10. I wish you strength and perseverance for your first novel. The topic sounds fascinating! My novel is finished, and I hope to publish it soon in Amazon. It has been a long bumpy road till now… I’ll be following you! 

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    • Thank you so much!!! I have been struggling with fitting it into a genre… Hopefully with a bit of perseverance I’ll find the right audience.
      I’m off to have a look at your novel. Is it on your blog?


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