About me:

Quirks?  I love the smell of burnt matches.

Clichés? I own way more notebooks than I need and yes, I have been known to procrastinate.

When people ask me to say something about myself, my go-to response is “I grew up in Morocco” and in many ways, this is what defines me. Content writer by day, fiction writer by night, I write literary fiction with a propensity for drama, magical realism and from time to time, science fiction.

Advocate of multiculturalism and believer in the power of creative writing to bring even the most opposite poles that little bit closer, I am obsessed with storytelling in any way, shape, or form.

After a year and half stint in Paris and “fair Verona”, I was scheduled to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing in New York starting this fall. Shockingly, despite getting into a great program, my student visa was rejected. *wipes tears and gets back up.*

I am now back in London and I intend to make this next year count.


About this blog: When I began writing my first novel some years ago, having a blog seemed like the perfect way to remain sane. Today, it is about making connections.

And for those of you who might be wondering… Why A Writer’s Caravan?

Because after all, our lives are caravans. Some are interconnected, others never cross paths. But beyond this beautiful criss-cross, remain trails upon trails, left there for us to follow. Or not…

PS: Music and writing go hand in hand in my life so you will notice 90% of my posts begin with music, be it a classical piece, a soundtrack or a song.


Thanks for reading.
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34 responses to “About

  1. Thank you for introducing yourself – love your site, so clean and easy to navigate.
    Happy to meet you! Will take time to read your blogs.


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