Taboos – a Three Line Tale #Flashfiction

In my previous post, I said I would try my hand at more flash fiction and writing prompts so here’s my take on the following.

I introduce you to Sonya’s Three Line Tales (for future reference: TLT). The rules are simple: one photo, three lines.

Without further ado…



They gathered once a year, strangers to their own flesh and blood.

Dried flowers here, set smiles there, proscribed stories hanging in midair.

Would his name ever be uttered again?


Like I said, this post is part of Sonya’s 3LinesTales. You can find the original prompt here and take on the challenge yourself. I read some really great entries including this one by Shaun over at Clockwork Clouds



Thanks for reading.
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12 responses to “Taboos – a Three Line Tale #Flashfiction

  1. Excellent, sounds like a cross between poetry and pose. You’ve definitely captured the essence of this picture, and I can almost visualise your characters sat stiffly around the table.

    Good stuff :)


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