Soon after finding out I’ve been accepted to an MFA in creative writing, I now get to share my most recent story, Unfettered, which just got accepted by Short Fiction Break literary magazine!

Like I said before, the story follows the spirited main character of a book who becomes self-aware and finds out she is scheduled to die at the end of the novel. She doesn’t know how many pages her writer intends to write but as she counts down to the inevitable – or is it? – she plots her survival.

I love would love it so much it if you could pop over to Short Fiction Break, read my story and leave a comment. 2,000 words and you won’t get bored. Promise.

Here’s an excerpt to get you started…


Gary and I got along fine until the day he decided to kill me. What kind of writer schedules the death of their main character mid-novel?

Things started off well. He put me together one Sunday, built me with the meticulousness of a watchmaker. Personality came first and, although I would later regret being given the gift of insight, I was glad the first word typed about me was perceptive. Then came cynical but empathetic. I was only a blob in his imagination but slowly, a world started to materialize all around me. Hates mess. Or was it me who was starting to materialize in the decluttered world Gary had constructed for me? Patient but quite the fighter. This would later come in handy.

I was left to marinate in this abstract cloud of words for a week. Thank Gary I was patient! I had nothing but a father, very absent, no mention of a mother, no job, no passion, no lover, no name. I was in fact called B for so long I got accustomed to it. Bee, quite a nice ring to it, no?

Continue reading…

Don’t forget to check out some of the other stories too. There are over 400 but so many of them are well worth reading. Once you’ve read a few, vote for your favourite here. The winner will be awarded the Readers’ Choice Award.

Lots of love to everyone (can you tell I’m in a happy mood?) xxx

4 responses to “Unfettered

  1. I’m just going to have “congratulations” ready to cut and paste whenever I see a post of yours! You’re leading a triumphant life. I loved your story – amazing and difficult concept, beautifully realised, and amusing too in places. You’ve thought through so many implications of your premise in such detail. I read a few of the other stories and whereas they were well-written, they followed familiar paths. Yours was beautifully original.


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