The easy silence kind of love.


Some time ago, I started volunteering at the Juliet Club and in my time as a secretary of Giulietta (don’t laugh), I’ve had the chance to read the letters of and connect with dozens of women, and two men so far.

There have been heartbroken women, women who are confused and women who are yearning for love, the kind that warms your belly, stretches your lips into a smile and fills your gaze with wonder. Women tied up in unhappy marriages and women who are terrified of love, the unrequited kind, the dishonest, destructive kind that changes you for(what-seems-to-be)ever. Unfaithful women, guilt-ridden women. Young girls whose hearts are filled with uncertainty and doubt, unassertive adolescents who are yet to find what makes them special, young women who have lost their essence and ambitious dreams to selfish love, greedy love.

And then there have been unfettered women, young women falling in love for the first time. Grateful women, hopeful women. Women who consider themselves lucky to have found the one. Selfless women, asking for guidance for their friends, loving mothers wishing for their daughters to cross paths with prince charming.

The more I read and the more I write to those women, the clearer it becomes – love is in everything we do, it is the single, most important thing we will ever accomplish. It is the cure-all to every ache and every bump on the road.

My mother’s selfless, sheltering love, my friends’ supportive, trusting love, the love of myself that took years to find and of course, my truelove’s overwhelming and soothing at once, wondrous, quiet yet deafening, complementary love.

The easy silence kind of love.


5 responses to “The easy silence kind of love.

  1. A beautiful riff on love from a contented woman who well knows that others aren’t so lucky. I just googled the Juliet Club – what an idea. And if I dare say so what a rich resource for a writer, and outlet for a writer’s wisdom.


    • Oh I’m so aware I am particularly lucky! Yes, my bad, I should’ve explained what it was but I was too eager to get to the point… Definitely a rich resource for the writer in me but also a particularly unexpected and fulfilling way to connect with strangers.


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