The dreams that dance in your imagination.


I missed this year’s Bloggers Bash. And I’m not tending to this blog as often as I want. And my Twitter feed is silently gathering dust. BUT. I’m getting stuff done. My WIP really is progressing and I’ve even set a realistic deadline for my 2nd draft.

Mark your calendars! The Wind Knows Everything (the page has been updated, you know you want to click) will be ready for YOU, beloved beta-reader, to read from August 13 2016. I am not afraid to state this loud and clear because I am confident I will have a “finished” product by then. I am posting this on June 12 which means I have two months. Whoa. Something just swelled inside my chest at the thought of a “finished” novel.

I keep putting “finished” in quotes because I am not naive and neither are you. We all know there will be a few more drafts until I can call this finished with no quotes. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and boy is it looking pretty bright!

I have been working on this WIP for, I don’t even know how long anymore. Is it two years? Three years? It sounds absurd, even I can’t believe how slow I’ve been but when I sat to write again, and when I noticed how much my writing has improved since I wrote my very first chapter, years ago, I felt proud. Because writing is rewriting. Writing is changing. Writing is everything.

I only realised this a month ago. I have been so conflicted between my novel and my struggling career as an architect that I would feel constant guilt when I focused on one and not the other. But ever since I decided I didn’t have to chose, I chose. Quite the paradox, I know. Once the pressure of choosing was lifted, the choice was easy to make. It had been staring at me all along.

How do you chose? You ask yourself: “When are you truly happy?” And when your answer is “When I write”, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. When I write, I feel happy, excited, empowered, lucky, fulfilled and sometimes, even talented, all things I could rarely say about myself when I was an architect. Maybe I never got there, maybe had they hired me, things would’ve turned out differently but the real change is: I no longer care about what ifs. I am happy with my choice and I feel lighter, happier, more focused, less guilty.

Ever heard of the NYU Creative Writing Program?  One of the most distinguished programs in the US, they only accept 20-30 applicants out of 400-500. They offer fellowships to all incoming students, from half-tuition to full tuition remission. The 2017 program starts in September 2017. The deadline is December 17, 2016. Can you guess what I’m trying to say?

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination, Roman Payne.


16 responses to “The dreams that dance in your imagination.

  1. Obviously, you were missed on Saturday. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my pining. But you have good reason to not come. When you’re making progress with your writing, it’s right to stay focused.

    Incidentally, was that beta reader comment aimed at me? If so, I’ll be happy to do it, though it may be September to October before I get chance to.

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    • Oh, I would have come regardless of the progress I am making, it’s just such bad timing with that Euro football malarkey…
      Well… I am glad you saw yourself in the beta reader comment. You are definitely one of my previous beta-readers.

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      • Well, if you’re using football as an excuse, you’ll get no sympathy from me! As you may have read already, it was a terrific event, so much bigger than last year’s gathering. I suspect next year’s event will be bigger still. Hope you can make that.
        I’m delighted to be on your list – looking forward to reading the novel.


      • I’m using the overpriced Eurostar tickets as an excuse – do I get some sympathy now?
        Argh I hope so! If I’m still in Paris I will NOT miss it again!
        I’m so glad you’re on my list too and most importantly, THANK YOU for being on my list!

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      • Grudgingly, I’ll be sympathetic… To be honest, it hadn’t occurred to me that it would result in a hike in rail prices.
        And it would be good to see you again. Just a shame the next Bash isn’t for a year
        I’ll just have to wait patiently


  2. I have marked my calendar. How considerate of you. A birthday present. That’s right. My birthday falls on the 16th but I’ll consider it an early gift. And good for you for considering the NYU Creative Writing Programme. I have everything crossed 😎


  3. What an absolutely exciting time for you. And I note again your daring and your confidence – a lovely place to be. That question – “when am I truly happy?” – is such a great one to navigate by. Two definite dates to work towards – and such an end goal. I too have everything crossed in deep admiration.


    • Oh it is exciting and terrifying and everything all at once, which makes it even more exciting because it can see it clearly now: it IS what I want to do with my life.
      Thank you for the encouragement! I shall need lots of crossed fingers!!


  4. Well isn’t that just peachy, Ellie. As has been said we missed you but a chair was kept! And go for that ambition, I love the energy it communicates. Just one caveat – I always shudder at the light at the end of the tunnel analogy – it might be daylight but equally it could be an onrushing express train or even the poor writer bumbling around with a torch looking for their misplaced inspiration!! I know what it is with you, mind!!


  5. Missed seeing you Saturday at the Bash, especially as we didn’t really get the chance to chat last year. Still, this is all very exciting news, especially the bit about applying for the creative writing course. I get the sense of a shift, of change, of you moving forward on your path. And that’s a wonderful thing :-)


  6. Congratulations on the decision. I know how hard it can be. I felt divided between art and writing for a long time. Good luck with NYU! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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