Spotify-infused, philosophical musings.

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When I moved to Paris, I cancelled my Spotify Premium account. This was a big deal for me – no unlimited music, whenever I want it, wherever I want it. But I figured, until I find a job, it doesn’t make sense to keep paying £10 per month.

Before I go on, here’s what you can’t do with the free version:

  1. Listen to music without very irritating adverts every couple of songs.
  2.  Listen to music on the go unless your phone is connected to 3G (a great way to drain your battery in a few hours, especially if you have Bluetooth headphones like I do…)
  3. Chose which song you want to play on the go. It shuffles. Whether you like it or not.
  4.  Replay a song you loved. You only get one listen before it moves on to the next one. Life’s too short, apparently.

Now. All that being said, here’s where it gets interesting. I was walking back from work the other day when it dawned on me : Spotify Free is a spitting image of life itself. Don’t hang up yet, I’m about to get very cheesy philosophical.

what if i never find out

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Yes, Spotify Free is a spitting image of life and here’s why:

  1.  You can’t upgrade to a better lifestyle without paying (i.e. working your fingers to the bone to get what you want).
  2. You can’t always chose and get what you want. Stuff just happens to you and more often than not, there’s little you can do about it. Unless you’re up there, at the top of the layer cake where you’re the boss and your every wish is someone else’s command, you are bound to endure. And endure you will, because, what other choice do you have?
  3. You can’t re-live a moment. Before you even take notice, the song is over. And you can’t rewind. So frustrating! Yet never before had I really, and I mean really, listened to one song so intently. It sounds silly but once you know you won’t be able to hit the back button and indulge in your favourite song again… once you know you only get this one listen… The experience changes entirely. It becomes mindful listening.
  4. You can’t have it all. Do you want music until your phone dies or do you want silence but enough battery to get you home? No, you can’t have both. Not unless you upgrade. So maybe one day you will have both. But what about today? What are your priorities? What are my priorities?

What do I want, more than anything in the world? Hmm. Here’s some food for thought.


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15 responses to “Spotify-infused, philosophical musings.

  1. But isn’t that the point of the paid consumer experience? To fool us into thinking we can escape the realities of life. For a few measly pennies (or so they tell us, “the price of a cup of coffee,” which is also a consumer experience) we slip into the river of denial and pay more and more to extend the ride so we never have to get off until the river runs dry or flood waters dump us, inevitably back onto the dry, sun-soaked soil of reality. But do we do our best to learn our lesson and live off the soil? No, as soon as we find more coin, we spend it to jump back into the river of denial. Or, buy your subscription to Spotify. And why not? You got that job. You earned it.

    Who am I kidding? I would do it too, but with more iTunes shit.


    • Hi Phillip! Wow, you are quite the philosopher too. You are absolutely right though and what a beautiful metaphor than that of the river of denial to describe the situation.


  2. I know that ,writing, is your good thing but I am now certain that “philosophy” is your ‘better’ thing- don’t despair – someone up there is still smiling down on you, have patience. / n x

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    • Ha, well I don’t know many “nige” so I’m going to presume I know who that is… You didn’t know my philosophical side? It goes hand in hand with the writing… Thanks Nigel!! xx


  3. That’s so strange… today I thought about that very question. What do I want out of life in the next six months, and then I created a visualisation board. The idea is that every time you see it, it makes what’s on it seem real and possible. I also decided to be grateful every day for 10 things in my life. Today, I shocked myself with the number of things I was grateful for… there are so many! And it made me feel so happy and positive. We focus so much on what we dont/ can’t have, dont we, that we forget to see what’s right under our noses.

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