My piano can talk.

A cherished object is by definition… an object we hold dear. Well, I have had a little trouble with this definition because as soon as I entered the CHERISHED blogfest hosted by Damyanti, Dan, Paul, Peter and Sharukh, I knew which “object” I wanted to write about. Problem is, it is not an object. Not to me, anyway. It is a musical instrument.


White Night 2012 in Brighton

As I have said before, my piano is my best friend among those that can’t talk. But today, I want to alter this statement. My piano can talk. I assure you, it can. It just uses words of another kind. For every note and every silence form a dialogue of their own. Every crescendo makes my heart swell like billowing fabric in the wind and every long, heavy note is like the warm embrace of an old friend.

There is a lot to say about my piano. The first one being that it is not near me right now. It is standing still in Sofia, waiting in silence until I come back home. It is a patient friend, you see. And a great listener. I am lucky, really.


White Night 2010, Brighton (again)

Don’t you worry. I do have actual friends who breathe oxygen like I do and support me in difficult times. But sometimes, oxygen isn’t enough. Sometimes, music is all my lungs need (bare with me while this metaphor falls apart). Sometimes, I don’t feel like talking or sharing and I certainly don’t feel like pretending. In times like these, my piano is my refuge. Just like a painter’s canvas, it allows me to express myself and there is only one other shelter I can think of – writing.

I have often wondered what my life would’ve been if when I was 7, my friend had not started piano lessons, inspiring me to do the same. He gave up eventually, it wasn’t for him, he said.


Playing a (rather untuned) piano at a friend’s house

As for me, a whole new world opened up. And if it hadn’t been for him, I might be someone else today. I would be someone else, someone completely and utterly different. Isn’t it strange? The thought of it actually scares me.

I wish I could take a picture of my piano right now but that’s okay. Because in a way, it doesn’t matter if it is my piano or someone else’s – the music will always be same. Maybe what I’m trying to say is what I cherish the most is not my piano…

It is music.

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43 responses to “My piano can talk.

  1. Thankyou for taking part in the Cherished blogfest! Your passion for music, and your piano is so evident in each word of your post–which is lyrical and musical, when read out loud. Wishing you all the best in your musical journey.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was an honest pleasure writing this post although it made me miss my piano even more!
      Loving the entries so far. I’ve read many beautiful posts so I’d like to thank you for organising this. :)


    • Oh, well if you feel this way you should definitely start again. Even if it’s just a melody here and there. Maybe you will rediscover it :)
      If not, I’m volunteering to take your piano off of your hands! :D


  2. I definitely feel the same way about my piano and the composers that I’ve discovered through it. I have a not so small obsession with Beethoven…

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  3. I can’t play any instrument, but I’ve always been amazed by those that can. To me, it always seems like they are saying something through their music – even if there are no words. Music communicates so much more.

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  4. Oh, Ellie, i am so so happy I met you in time to hear this lovely song. I can only hope you will post some more and that you and your piano are soon reunited for more Cherished Music. Another favorite blogger treated me this week to one of her piano tunes so I feel twice-blessed. Thank you, truly.

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    • It is never too late to learn a new skill, especially when it comes to music. I recently took a harp lesson and one day, when I can afford it, I hope to take up violin.
      Thank you for stopping by! :)

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  5. Music – it has the power to change lives! Elissaveta, your post made me think of my nieces who both have pianos and are as attached to them as you are. I hope you are reunited with it before too long.

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  6. That is a beautiful saying and a very true one at that! I simply cannot imagine the kind of person I would’ve been without it.
    You’re very welcome!! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment too. :)


  7. It IS the Music! Your post reminded me of my years playing the piano and teaching it, performing, and then the Great Divorce from it. I still love the piano, piano music, but I learned alot during my divorce from the piano, especially about my passions, and that my language for creative expression is English, not music. I am just grateful for all the time and effort I put into music so I would be able to speak and understand that language. Thanks for visiting Anatomy of Perceval. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Cinda

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  8. A post rich in passion and longing. I enjoyed hearing and seeing you too – a rare treat in my blogosphere. My sons speak about surfing the way you speak about the piano – it is so tied up with their identity, they can’t imagine themselves without it. Music feeds your soul – and your blog feeds mine: although music is something of a foreign language to me, words (English words!) aren’t.

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    • Thank you Meg!!
      Surfing? Wow. That is far braver than playing the piano. I’ve always been fascinated with the skill it must take to glide under the waves…
      I am so, so humbled that my blog inspires you and quite frankly, I look forward to more memoir-like posts from you.


  9. I agree that sometimes music is the only way to express yourself. I love my own piano even if it is older than my grandmother and missing a few keys. This is a great post, it reminded me of why I sing.

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  10. Beautifully written and very touching. My wife Sarah loves piano and she has to some extent ignited in me the passion for it. I love listening to piano tunes and would want to listen to Sarah playing it someday. Thank you for participating and sharing your story.


  11. I thought your cherished object was the piano, though I think music is even finer! I saw a sign once years ago that read, “Music is heard with the ears, but felt with the heart.” Music is a universal language uniting people: it is very powerful no matter the instrument: piano, drum, or even voice! ;) Thanks for sharing! :) <3

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  12. Such beautiful sensual writing! Music is more than just something to listen to and sing along to. It reaches much deeper, contains power and energy. I’ve seen the impact it has had on my daughter, who can’t walk or talk. She still manages to sing and dance, it brings her such pleasure, and healing, in that it calms her when she is frustrated or angry. Her life, already so limited, would be so much less without it. I know what you mean about that small chance changing your life and making you who you are… It IS scary to think how it could so easily never have happened, and then who would you be?


  13. Thanks for sharing this unique story with us during the Cherished blogfest. I am still trying to visit all the participants. You stopped over at my blog first (thank you) so knew I needed to visit here. This is such a great story and I can understand the nature of your friendship with your piano. I don’t play an instrument, but I get similar feelings and “support” form tools in my shop.


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