The unvarnished truth.

this-blinding-absence-of-lightToday, I am so excited to direct you over to Ula’s world. As part of the Monday Inspiration series hosted on her blog, I have written a guest post on Tahar Ben Jelloun’s words – particularly the poignant tale of This Blinding Absence of Light – and the impact they have had on me over the years.

Ben Jelloun is a bold writer. He dares to say the truth and exposes it, however harsh and tainted it may be. That is what I have tried to do and that is what I will always strive for in my writing.

Click on to read my guest post and please do read beyond to discover the world of a broccoli addict.

Seriously though, her claim, not mine.


Thanks for reading.
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5 responses to “The unvarnished truth.

  1. An inspiring review indeed Elissaveta. My inclination is always to the sunny view, and yet my country too has a dark history in the treatment of indigenous Australians. I had a charmed childhood while many kids my age were being removed from their families and put in homes where there was often abuse. You write so thoughtfully.

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    • There’s always another side to the coin, isn’t there?
      I think you might like this book and the way Ben Jelloun writes. I have a feeling my writing has unconsciously grown from his (don’t read this as self-flattering but more as it being inspirational material)
      I would actually love to read a good book exploring the Australian culture. Do you have any recommendations in mind?


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