101 Things. 1001 Days.

Original photo by Masine (Adapted by Writer’s Caravan)

I have been mulling over this for a while. I like the idea behind this challenge. ‘101 things in 1001 days’ means that I can really think about the 3 years ahead of me. I can project myself, put things into perspective and ask myself quite a few questions, some existential, others not so much.

But above all, I can stop procrastinating and start acting (once I’ve written down the list…)

I sense I will be coming back to this post quite often but I promise, this will not become an “I did this and I did that” blog unless I feel the urge to share certain experiences with you in (as always, I hope) a literary way.

1. Finish editing my book. (currently on draft 2)
2. Publish my book/get my book published. (yes, they are different & I still don’t know which one is meant for me.)
3. Choose a Masters Degree and a country to study it in & get one.
4. Go to an Open Mic night & keep going until I’m comfortable on stage.
5. Find stability in my professional life. (i.e. 2 paying, relevant & worthy jobs – or less)
6. Save up to buy a piano in London (because Sofia is a little far away for daily practice)
7. Finish my TEFL course.
8. Teach English abroad (Asia/South America – ITALY!) & discover a new culture. (yes, the two are linked)
9. Continue learning about London the way I started when I was an architectural tour guide.
10. Busk with my guitar, in the streets of London or elsewhere.
11. Start writing songs again.
12. Make lamps out of some of my hand-painted glass.

13. Always. Keep. Blogging. (Because I love it)
14. Make a DIY photo-album dedicated to our Swiss experience.
15. Quit my job at the World Duty Free, Gatwick & never look back.
16. Put together all my successful recipes into a scrapbook.
17. Tone my body & lose that extra bit of weight. (in progress)
18. Rethink my #MyAutumn idea (you’ll find out in due time)
19. Go big for my mum’s 60th next year (she’ll kill me for revealing that) well not as big as planned but we celebrated it in Paris which has got to count for something. 
20. See Miss Saigon in the West End.
21. Go to New York. (so close!!!)
22. See a Broadway Show.
23. Go back to Morocco & trek across the Sahara.
24. Conquer a 4,000m mountain top.


3884m is as high as I’ve been so far.

25. Go out with friends and my boyfriend more (separately, and together)
26. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
27. Learn a new language. (German? – ITALIAN)
28. Resume my Babbel course & perfect my Spanish.
29. Create a dream journal (because my dreams can give birth to a whole novel someday)
30. Support my fascination with astronomy with actual knowledge.
31. Learn how to read the night sky.
32. Fix my bike and start riding it again. (Gary, you’ll love this one)
33. Cook with my boyfriend more often. (in progress)
34. Buy a typewriter. (I’ve always wanted one, okay?)
35. Actually use my driving license & drive more often.
36. Go on a road trip – in the USA or elsewhere.
37. Learn how to play Asturias on the guitar (as if that’ll ever happen)
38. Record my covers on the guitar and post them on YouTube.
39. Watch the Bastille Day fireworks in Paris (which happen to be today) – did one year later (2016)


Lewes bonfire and fireworks are the best I’ve seen so far.

40. Take my mum to the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert (might not be in the next 3 years but hopefully someday)
41. Update my architectural website. (long overdue)
42. Run for charity.
43. Learn AutoCAD (because few architects have heard of/like Vectorworks) (in progress)
44. Eat at Dans Le Noir – in complete blackness and served by blind waiters.
45. Go on a mini-holiday with my boyfriend.
46. Make a giant map of the world, hang it on a wall and ping photos from my travels.
47. Donate blood again.
48. Have a home-cooked picnic (where we don’t just buy everything from M&S) and sit in the sun.
49. Visit my friend Lizzie in Edinburgh.
50. Find a pen pal.
51. Read more informative articles.
52. Eat less meat.

I feel drained. I shall resume this later in the week unless you want me to start coming up with silly, useless tasks.

101 Things. 1001 Days – continued.

53. Pay a fortune to get to the top of Shard. (Went up to the Sky Garden instead, for free!) 
54. Come up with five things that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  
55. Make a scented candle.
56. Visit the (free) Museum Of London.
57. Go to a free comedy night (the Angel Comedy seems to be most popular)
58. Visit the courtyard at Somerset House.
59. Spend an afternoon at the British Library. (A lot more than one afternoon in fact…)
60. Buy a plant for the flat.
61. Make a DIY clock with that clock mechanism I ordered off Amazon.
62. Work on resetting my biological clock.
63. Spend a long weekend meditating at the Amaravati Retreat Centre.
64. Rip the metaphorical plaster off and go see the doctor.
65. Open The Five-Minute Writer and do one writing prompt a day.
66. Research Islam and Berber culture further to give my book authenticity & richness.
67. Buy a giant, white mug for my peppermint tea and paint it.
68. (Gather the courage &) convince my local pub to use my painted bottles as vases (they already use recycled bottles)
69. Ask my grandma to finally teach me how to sew.
70. Climb up the O2 in London.
71. Write a letter to my best friend and mail it. Old school.
72. Save £20 a month, whatever happens, however much I earn.
73. Buy an “air plant” (Tillandsia or similar) for my grandma’s terrarium.
74. Make my own hummus.
75. Read a book every single day, not just when I commute to work.
76. Finish reading Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.
77. Finish this list (because honestly, I’m starting to struggle)
78. Learn sign language…
79. … and Morse code.
80. Start a planner/diary for my blog posts and be more organised! (in progress)
81. Agree on a structure/layout for my novel AND STICK TO IT.
82. Get a Reader Pass from the British Library.
83. Work on my ‘elevator pitch’: it must hint at the complexity of the plot without giving too much away.
84. Research multiple P.O.V novels and what their loglines look like.
85. Read a Stephen King book (yes, I know, shameful.)
86. Attempt making a savoury (and chocolate!) soufflé.
87. Get up early every (working) day.
88. Experiment/change the time of the day I post on my blog.
89. Go in the St Pancras Renaissance hotel and play their grand piano (yes, there is one by Scott’s Grand Staircase)
90. Live in Paris.
91. Make a home-made ice cream cake.
92. Be FULLY financially independent.
93. Read more indie books.
94. Get some teaching English experience before I go off in Asia/South America…
95. Stay in touch with long-distance friends & write more often.
96. Feature more indie singer-songwriters on my blog.
97. Learn pyrography with my wood-burning kit.
98. Keep a ‘good quotes’ journal from the books I read.
99. Take better care of myself (this includes healthy heating and the occasional pampering)
100. Save up for a life-coach/compassion coach therapy.
101. Be happy. :)

This is incredibly fruitful and if you feel uninspired, stuck or unsure, I recommend you write it. And then I recommend you start working on it.


Thanks for reading.
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20 responses to “101 Things. 1001 Days.

  1. What an amazing list! That sounds a lot of fun. I have been a veggie twice but now I am breastfeeding and my body wants meat. But eating less meat or none isn’t too hard to achieve (the first 2 weeks are the hardest).
    Oh and good luck with learning a new language, I am going into shameless self promotion now, I teach it, if you are looking for a teacher :)
    And of course good luck with the book publishing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! :)
      Ha ha, so you teach German I presume? I’ll be focusing on perfecting my Spanish first but I shall keep you in mind.
      Yes, the hardest part is coming up with a diverse set of veggie recipes (hence the need for a scrapbook) :D
      Thank you for reading :)


  2. What a wonderful but ambitious list. I wholeheartedly support #52.
    There is definitely a travel theme to a lot of these. Hope you get to visit all the places.
    I can’t wait to read the rest of your list.


  3. At #20: go see it soon; it will close next February. Isn’t #21 necessary for #22 to happen? Haha.

    Nice list anyway. I especially want to hear you write songs! It sure seems like I will enjoy your compositions since I have enjoyed the music that you have shared on your blog. It’s cool to learn that you can play the guitar as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aren’t you ambitious! I like the idea. It’s good to have personal goals and a plan. #32 surprised me. I honoured. If you were a little closer, I would offer to fix and tune it for you. I studied Spanish at university, and travelled to Mexico frequently to practice. Unfortunately, I have lost it all. I have been a vegetarian for years. It will help with that weight you are concerned about. You are a remarkably talented young woman. Good luck with this list, and I look forward to seeing the next 50.


    • Be my guest. :D I shared this (still unfinished) list with you hoping it would do exactly this. Inspire anyone to do the same. It just feels like once you’ve got it black on white, you can no longer procrastinate. I have already started working on some of those goals. :)

      Liked by 1 person

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