My notebooks are my loyal friends.


Ellie’s notebooks.

The picture above is self-explanatory but I’d like to add a few words. In case you hadn’t guessed, I like notebooks. They help me stay organised, they jog my memory and they relieve my conscience. They are my creative partners and loyal friends.

Choosing a notebook is no easy task. Sometimes, they smile at me from the top of a revolving shelf; others, they scream at me, begging to be picked up. This might be the time to point out how low my self-restraint is. And so I treat myself, because how else would you justify buying a notebook you don’t actually need?

arch_landscape_doodlesIt often starts like this. A notebook grabs my attention, I buy it and it sits on my book shelf until I decide what to fill it with. And since the most genuine decisions are always the spontaneous ones, I have never regretted a single purchase. Because at the end of the day, my notebook addiction forces me to be a better writer. It pushes me to be imaginative, to invent not only the content but also the purpose of it.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you : I am attached to my notebooks. I carry my ‘Novel’ notebook everywhere I go because the slightest idea might turn into something when you put pen on paper. As of recently, I also carry the little ‘Curious London Facts’ notebook where I jot down any information I find relevant. A new building under construction, an interesting sculpture whose creator I want to discover or a funny observation while riding the tube…

Yes, my phone would suffice in such cases. But there is somethingballoons rather unique about flipping through the pages of your notebook, scribbling, drawing, highlighting and post-noting. There is a tactile relationship that no fancy gadget will ever replace.

PS: This is only a selection of my notebook collection. I have various other, buried at the bottom of drawers or hidden in places even I have forgotten…


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11 responses to “My notebooks are my loyal friends.

  1. I love this post. Thanks for introducing me to your notebooks, especially the one called “Stuff”! I was operating with 13 notebooks / diaries at once for a while, and I’ve never come across anyone else so totally organised. Yours look so beautiful: I’m presuming those lovely house sketches are yours. Because I’m travelling a lot now, I’m reduced to one plain-page notebook, which is very ragged, but essential to my functioning. For the last seven or eight years I’ve been hand making my diary, but that didn’t happen this year either. My main diary is my blog.

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    • Haha, yes the “Stuff” notebook is incredibly useful and combines all sorts of things from travel research to blogging/twitter tips!
      You’ve made your own diary? I love the idea!!! Have you shared a tutorial maybe? *she says hopefully*
      I understand you, you’ve got to pack light but a notebook is essential indeed!


  2. I too love collecting notebooks but I am nowhere near as organised. I just tend to use whichever one comes to hand. I really should follow your example.

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  3. If I’m honest, I am far from being the most organised person ever. Having this many notebooks definitely helps but there are notes and doodles in pretty much every notebook and they definitely don’t belong there! :D


  4. Love your sketches! I have several notebooks. Used to use them a lot to journal, sketch, post photographs, and record things of interest. These days, I use them less often but must admit I still buy them. Nice post :)

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  5. I used to travel a lot and would always have a notebook on me. Also I used to lecture at a university and walked to and from the campus, and always had a notebook in my bag. These days, not so much. I carry my laptop much of the time, even on my bike sometimes. I think my iPhone has replaced my notebook. However, after reading your post, I think I may pull one out. There are several blanks ones in my bookcase.

    I have notebooks that date back 30 years. I sometimes pull them out to see what used to interest me. I surprise myself. There is some good stuff in them, stuff good books are made of :)

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  6. A woman after my own heart! :-) You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! The tactile inspiration of a blank notebook that begs to be filled simply can NOT be left in the store, forlorn… that would just be cruel. I have dozens in active use – one for nautical notes (for my current historical fiction manuscript), two for quotes, one or two for doodles, another for writing sparks of inspiration, and the list goes on.

    By far, my most invaluable notebook contains step-by-step instructions for publishing, from the editing points to remember & formatting for both Kindle and paperbacks, to the graphic design process (and how-tos to get done what I need), and publishing specs for both Kindle and paperback. I filled that notebook the first time I went through the publishing process, and it’s proved priceless, headache-sparing and time-saving three more times since then; it will come through for me again next year!


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