There is a lot happening in London.

London itinerary Day 2

One afternoon’s worth of walking, “busing” and talking. Click to enlarge & feel free to use with attribution.

This post will be short and sweet. You see, I will be guiding a 3-day architectural tour of London for a group of French architects. When is this happening? In two days. Am I ready? No, I am not.

Despite having quite a few good posts aligned (in my mind) and a few scribbles (in my notebook), they will have to wait until I have quenched my thirst for architectural knowledge and shared everything I know with 26 avid souls.

Just in case you didn’t know, there is a lot happening in London. A lot of old building and a lot of new ones. A lot of renovations, extensions, masterplans and visionary projects. And a lot of bridges, too. So off I go. They’re all waiting.


PS: the music above is by Michael Baker, a Brighton-based singer I discovered yesterday while walking along the Thames. Mellow folk was just what I needed after six hours of walking and investigating London’s hidden (and no so hidden) gems. Enjoy.

10 responses to “There is a lot happening in London.

  1. Oh, London – there’s always SO much happening there, you are right!
    You live in London don’t you?
    That phrase comes to mind: ‘When you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life’

    ..enjoy quenching your architectural thirst!

    (If you need any help with background information on the Tate Modern, well, I recently did an Art History exam that included the industrial/Culture Industry aesthetic on artistic institutions – so I could give you a lot of info and save you time if you needed it at all!)


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    • I do indeed :) Thank you so much for your help!! We did visit the Tate and your knowledge would’ve been a great bonus had I seen it in time! ha ha
      Eitherway, what I knew seemed to suffice so no complaints there :D


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