It is always darkest before the dawn.

I had a different post in mind for today. But my best friend has just had a breakthrough and I am compelled to share this with you, because once again, she inspired me to never give up. My best friend is an organic chemist, you see (or at least that is how I would translate what she does from the French). She is currently doing her PhD in France and I don’t have to tell you that she is my little genius.

Here’s how it goes:

She spends over 6 months experimenting with crazy chemicals I wouldn’t be able to spell, making inconclusive tests and reactions, one of which led to a micro-explosion (we are talking small here – the test tube exploded, not the laboratory). She spends over 6 months playing the yo-yo, swaying from disappointment to excitement and back to disappointment. And a week ago, we decide that she should keep trying and give it her best until the end of this month; if nothing comes out of it, she will leave it aside and try something different. And there you have it. It is always darkest before the dawn. All the hard work and all the passion paid off. The job isn’t done, of course. I can’t imagine how many more experiments need to be done to improve her current results but she made it, and I simply couldn’t keep it to myself.

I guess this post has two aims:

1) To tell you how proud I am of my little genius. And how incredibly lucky I am, too, because she is the best Best Friend one could ever hope for. And despite the geographical distance between us, our bond is so strong that her news had me jumping in my flat, like… well, like someone who’s just discovered that we might be able to replace the petrol we use to make plastic, etc. by the Carbon dioxide in the air.

2) To inspire you to never give up. I know it is cheesy, and I know you’re probably snorting with derision right now. But I now know with certainty that if we are meant to do something, it will happen. As long as we never let go of our drive and passion.

it is always darkest before the dawn


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